'48 Heurs Du Le Men!' with Gary Toward

25 July 2018

œWe have a great line up of guests and events across the 28 hours (which we will begin releasing into the wild soon). We™re hooking up with bigger radio stations and will have listeners all over the planet.

We have set our target low, as we have no idea how well we could do. We know we have a great show, the ability to entertain and play great music, but, really, it™s all down to getting the support.

People to listen in and people to hand over a bit of cash.

We™re aiming to raise at least £2000 for two amazing charities that make a difference for people.

Bamboozle Theatre creates amazing free therapeutic arts experiences that change the lives of young disables people and their families. Gary is a trustee and has witnesses the work first hand. œI have never seen anything like this before. The Bamboozle approach lights up the lives of these young people and their families. Small differences are huge gains in this context.

Radio Gwendolen is Leicester General™s hospital radio that makes a hospital stay more comfortable and is run by a dedicated bunch of volunteers. It broadcasts constantly and Haff runs a regular show. œI™ve met a few patients who told me that we (the radio) were their only ˜visitors™. Wow! What a diffidence that makes.

Both can only do this work through fund raising.

You can find out more about both charities and the 48 Hour Radio Marathon here

Come on, show your support and follow Gary Toward and many guest during his 48 hour radio marathon on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Discover a bit more about Gary and his publications here.

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