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18 April 2019

‹œIn Teacher in the Cupboard, Lisa Jane Ashes provides teachers with an original and refreshing take on self-reflection and invites them to adopt a goldfish-bowl approach to evaluating the teacher“learner equation.

Lisa guides teachers through a series of productive steps designed to help them stand back and objectively observe their learners, with a view to stemming untoward behaviour or negative inclinations in the classroom by better understanding the learner™s perspective. Furthermore, she shares useful advice and a range of solution-focused techniques so that solutions to potentially troublesome situations can be identified before disaster strikes. She also talks teachers through the process of devising their own creative strategies “ which can be tested, reviewed and adjusted as necessary “ and presents a wealth of insightful and fascinating case-study examples which aptly illustrate the points made.

- Jacquelyne Morison, founder of Jacquelyne Morison Hypnotherapy Training and author of Hypnotherapy Teaching, Training and Supervision

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