A School Built on Ethos has been reviewed

30 April 2021


  • This is not necessarily a book resource offering pick-up-and-go assemblies.

  • The stories, philosophy, poetry and art shared in this book show how visionary education can make social change possible.

  • Key reflections are shared with James advocating that building an ethos frees others to build alongside you.

  • An ethos of ambition, perseverance and legacy is shared throughout.

  • An extraordinary range of topics and accompanying narration shows how James established success into a privileged school whilst instilling lifelong values into his students.

Read the full review here.

Find out more about A School Built on Ethos, in which founding principal James Handscombe takes readers through Harris Westminster Sixth Form™s development and illustrates its journey by sharing a selection of the assemblies that have underpinned and elucidated its ethos.

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