A School Built on Ethos is available to order

19 March 2021

In this book, James Handscombe “ founding principal of the enormously successful Harris Westminster Sixth Form “ takes readers through the school™s development and illustrates its journey by sharing a selection of the assemblies that have underpinned and elucidated its ethos. Find out more and get your copy here.

Mark Enser, Head of Geography and Research Lead, Heathfield Community College, and author of Teach Like Nobody™s Watching and Powerful Geography:

I adore A School Built on Ethos for many reasons. It is wonderful to read about school leadership from someone who clearly loves their job, their school and their students. And as well as giving many practical points on school leadership, James also sets out a clear case that a school is more than a building, a timetable and a budget; it is a community and one that needs an ethos to bring people together and give them a common purpose.

I cannot recommend this book highly enough.

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