After the Adults Change is rated 9.2/10!

08 April 2021


From an early point, Paul encourages that teachers and school leaders upgrade their own professional behaviours and relationships to make a setting safer, more predictable and better place to learn.
The book starts very strongly, encouraging ˜Emotionally Consistent Teaching™, offering great guidance to become calm, consistent and seemingly unruffled by challenges that you face each day in the classroom.
When face with challenging behaviours, as a teacher, Paul guides with tips and ideas that aim to repair, restore and get students returning to learning as soon as possible. Kindness and soft power rule.
In exploring the Glasgow Model, Paul calls that schools see that exclusion is not a behaviour strategy and that exclusion is not a default response.
Patience is key, and the book finishes off with a call to lead like a tortoise with fantastic advice on how to develop policies that weed out negative language but mirror the simplicity of daily practice.

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