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22 May 2020

The government recently announced that the abolition of VAT on ebooks was being brought forward. Cue frantic updating of systems at very short notice, but this is excellent news. So, instead of 20% of the purchase price going to the government, we are going to share it with our customers and our authors. We haven™t reduced the RRP of our ebooks because that would just boost Amazon sales even more. Rather we are going to reduce the price on our website and increase all author royalties on ebook sales. To kick this off, and to encourage you to buy even more ebooks directly from our website, we™re offering a massive 50% discount on all ebook sales for the next month. Just use code VAT50 at the checkout.

And of course we still have our ongoing offer on physical books: 30% discount and free postage on all orders on our website. Just use code CPD30 at the checkout. I know it™s easy to keep ordering from Amazon, but for the sake of the little guys who pay lots of tax I urge you to try alternative suppliers or order directly from us.

Thank you,

David Bowman, Managing Director

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