Art Attack (The College Collection Set 1 – for reluctant readers)

By: Georgina Jonas


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Size: 167 x 118mm
Pages : 128
ISBN : 9781785831065
Format: Paperback
Published: August 2016

When five strangers are put together for a college project they have no idea of the adventures that lie in store for them.

Join Jim Jam, Woody, Anda, Luca and Nolan as they discover that college life is never dull.

The College Collection centres around five main characters, Luca, Anda, Jim Jam, Woody and Nolan. They are from different backgrounds and first meet at Parkfield College, where they are studying for a BTEC in Media Studies. They quickly become friends. The College Collection follows them through their time at Parkfield College and the adventures and adversities they experience there. Above all they work hard, have fun and their friendship shines through. The subliminal messages of overcoming failure, of acceptance and support run through all the texts, alongside messages of resilience and perseverance.

In each of the first five books in this set we meet a different character, and learn about their personalities, backgrounds and what they did before they arrived at Parkfield College. In Art Attack, they are thrown into a project together, which takes them on a surprising and challenging adventure.

This first set of six books in the reading scheme, The College Collection, is designed to support and extend the acquisition of reading skills, and the enjoyment of reading, through exciting stories and relatable characters.

The books reinforce high frequency words and the core phonic skills needed to access basic reading levels. Each set provides stories which bridge the gap between base level schemes and longer, more challenging texts. They are suitable for readers who still need a formatted reading scheme and are not yet ready to go onto free readers, but who still want interesting, engaging, real-life books. They are flexible, so no matter what other schemes you may be using, these books stand alone, enhancing and extending any reading experience.

The books provide developing readers with age-appropriate material designed to boost competence and confidence, engaging the reader and encouraging reading for pleasure. The books are also useful for reluctant readers or where the acquisition of reading skills has been identified as a problem. They have been specifically designed to consolidate young readers’ skills and to improve the confidence of older readers who are still acquiring and developing reading skills.

Reading age 9–13 years, interest age 11+. Teacher notes to assist with the use of these books in the classroom are available here.

Picture for author Georgina Jonas

Georgina Jonas

Georgina Jonas - the pen name for the collective talent and expertise of one full-time teacher, who has also been a children's storyteller, and one former headmistress who currently tutors and leads workshops to show parents the best way to help their children with maths and English.

Click here to read the author's article for SecEd in which she offers guidance for engaging reluctant readers.


  1. I liked it but sometimes it got a bit confusing - when you had to remember everything going on. Altogether though, the book was ok. I loved the storyline and it was very intriguing. You want to read on. The only thing wrong with it for me was: at the start there was a little too much information to get your head around.

    I would however recommend others to read the book, and see if they come to a similar conclusion.
  2. This was a great book: very enjoyable. It basically went from slow-paced and casual to very fast-paced in the blink of an eye. I liked how it had enough description to know what was going on and not too much to bore the reader.

    I also liked that it went from different characters' views, progressively, learning about each one. I do wish it was longer though, as I wanted to know what happened after the ending. What happened to the burglars? Did they get away scot-free? Read it to find out?

    Altogether, a great book. I would definitely recommend it!
  3. My niece who reads all the time was a little bit reluctant to pick up this book and read it. I don't think the cover looked that interesting and she was choosing other books to read over this one.

    She normally can't put books down, but I don't think this one really caught her interest as much. She said it was a bit boring the first night she read it but after she had finished the book she said it was good but she didn't enjoy it that much.

    The book is about older children and is also aimed at a reading age just above her, she is about to turn 9.
  4. The front cover is rubbish and I would not have even picked it up if I saw it in a library. The story is much better than the front cover the book was a bit rubbish to start with but then got better. The book is more grown up than I normally read but overall I did enjoy it. It makes me wonder if Senior school will be similar to this I go next year.

    You can read the review on the Toppsta website.
  5. My niece Megan quite enjoyed the fact the characters portrayed were more grown up than her normal books. She will start big school next year herself so it engrossed her in a world she might face in the near future. She liked that they went abroad for their school trip in the story as she is also due to go away with her current school. The cover is not very appealing and could be given a more edgy look to draw the reader's attention in the first place.
  6. I really enjoyed this book, though from looking at the cover I would never have thought it was about a college team. Although the book doesn't look appealing, I really enjoyed it.

    You can read the review on the Toppsta website here.
  7. I read this story over the course of a week and I did enjoy the book once I got into it. I didn't think the cover of the book reflected the story and was a little bit dull. I don't think I would have noticed this book in a library.

    The story was slightly slow to get into but once I worked out who was who, I began to follow it much better.

    I enjoyed the story when the group got to Italy.

    The story was fun and the phonics were used really well (my teacher has asked me to bring the book in with me after half term so she can read through and look at the text to see if the story would benefit the class, as we are having to read different kinds of text in year 6 ready for our SATS in May).

    I would read the other books in this collection as they are good stories.

    You can read the review on the Toppsta website.
  8. Grace wasn't overly sure about this at first as the cover didn't seem all that exciting, but when she got into it she really enjoyed the story.

    You can read the review on the Toppsta website.
  9. I really liked the story about a group of students put together for a college project in Italy. When they arrive there's a problem, something gets stolen and they go on adventure to find it. I think the book cover could be a lot better as it looks like an art book and not a story book.

    You can read the review on the Toppsta website.

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