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Mark Enser

Mark Enser has been teaching geography for the best part of two decades and is a head of department and research lead at Heathfield Community College, as well as a specialist leader of education (SLE) and evidence lead in education (ELE). He is a regular TES columnist and often speaks at education conferences. Mark has written several books and also writes a blog called Teaching It Real and tweets @EnserMark. He spends the rest of his time reading, drinking coffee and playing Dungeons & Dragons.

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Author Blog

In Safe Hands

July 25 2021

I can recall my early days of teaching vividly. Much as I loved my mentors, they were very much of the view I would either cut it or not as a teacher, and whilst I could go to them with specifics, there was little guidance in terms of the way I should do things. There…

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What Did Cognitive Science Ever Do For Me? : A view from an English Classroom

July 19 2021

The EEF report, much like the P4C (Philosophy for Children) report that came a few months ago, landed into the Twitter sphere to much fanfare and lots of conflicting ideas. Starting with a webinar, which many were unable to attend, the information was already framed in terms of what did and did not work. Some…

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