Be the Life and Soul of the Party

Socialising for Success

By: Clare Walker


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Size: 216mm x 138mm
Pages : 176
ISBN : 9781904424994
Format: Paperback
Published: November 2005

Have you ever wanted to ‘be yourself’ with other people, but felt held back? Would you like to learn and practise all the tools that will help you communicate confidently and easily with others, on your own terms, and in your own style? Do you wish you could just turn up to social events and feel fantastic?

Perhaps your professional life relies on skilful networking and you’d like to find it effortless? Imagine for a moment what it would be like to look forward to social or business events of all kinds - even if you don’t know a soul there. You would arrive feeling confident that you could approach anyone and say anything that you need or want to say. If this sounds impossible, please take a deep breath, and just allow yourself to be aware instead that achieving this is not just probable, but virtually inevitable, once you know how it’s done, and believe that you can do it too. That’s the purpose of this wonderful book.

Picture for author Clare Walker

Clare Walker

Clare spent fifteen years as a personal development coach and trainer. Currently, she is focusing on creating meditations and products that enhance wellbeing, and on helping others to realise their own creative projects and potential.


  1. I hear so many clients say that they don't know how to make 'small talk' or that they feel uncomfortable in social situations.

    Well, this book is great for anyone who feels that way. And even the most seasoned socialiser can find something in this book that is useful. Whether it be 'positive hivering' which is something new to me, or how to deal with the bore who won't leave you alone.

    Clare has an easy style of writing and uses humour and anecdotes that makes it a fun book to read and enjoy.
  2. This light-hearted book provides step-by-step strategies for successful participating in and enjoying social occasions. It shares techniques used by great communicators, offers behaviour tips designed to work in all kinds of social situations, from casual parties to business events, and provides methods of increasing confidence. The content ranges from learning how to listen and how to tell stories and anecdotes compellingly, to intelligent questioning and "positive hovering' as a means of joining a group of strangers.
  3. A straightforward, no-fuss guide offering simple, candid advice. It's liberating to know that each and every one of us has the potential to be the life and soul of a party!

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