Thinking Sexy

Unlocking the secrets of sensual desire

By: Amanda Lowe


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Pages : 192
ISBN : 9781904424802
Format: Paperback
Published: June 2005

We don’t all have, want, or need, sexy toys, bendy bodies, multiple orgasms, or even sexual intercourse to enjoy sex. What we do have is our mind. It is our most erotic organ. We all think about sex. Every sexual encounter is initiated ‘in the mind’ and it is the mind that determines whether it will be pleasurable or not.

Thinking Sexy explores subconscious and deep-seated attitudes and defences that can restrict a woman from enjoying her sex life to the full. This is not a prescriptive book but one which will help the reader open her mind to more opportunities which can enliven a flagging sex life or make her intimate moments more exciting.

Amanda Lowe conducted what she dubbed ‘The Lowe Sex Survey’. She set out her stall in her local street market in Hull and invited passers-by to talk to her about sex. And boy, did they talk! Chapters include ‘Sexual Strength’ (not to be confused with sexual power), ‘The Martyr’s Club’ (the put up and shut up brigade) and ‘The Only Time We Have Is Now’ (don’t put it off until tomorrow).

Enjoying Thinking Sexy will not turn you into a raving sex maniac or a pervert. It will simply show you another way to embrace your vitality and zest for life with all its joy and richness.

Amanda Lowe, author of Bliss, (click here to view this title), is a multi-disciplined practitioner: qualified Clinical Hypnotherapist, NLP Master Practitioner, Life Coach, Aromatherapist, and Reflexologist. Juggling her role as mother of four, writer, Bliss Consultant and occasional musician, she runs workshops in corporate and personal bliss and stress-busting techniques.

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Amanda Lowe

Amanda Lowe has a blissful life. She should do, she's spent the last twenty years discovering how to experience it, legally. Her expertise is encapsulated in her first book so you can now experience bliss in your communications, family, relationships, workplace and many other aspects of life.


  1. This is not a how-to do it book, nor is it any type of sex manual. It is about you, each of you, and how you think about sex, being sexy, desire and your own sexual philosophy. It is basically about your mind, which is the most powerful sexual organ we have.

    It is written in a funny and amusing way. Yet it is also sensitive and thought provoking. I really loved the quotes from real people because it showed how varied and diverse we all are. It shows that there is no such thing as 'normal sex' rather that we all have a different view of what is or isn't 'normal'.

    I found it a very easy to read book and I will be recommending it to clients to read for their own benefit.
  2. I loved this book and particularly the quotes from real women. They picked up the diverse attitudes towards sex and made the point that we're all unique and, the more you try to conform to a -˜sex life norm', the more likely you are to be disappointed! An easy read.
  3. Have you ever asked yourself What do you want from sex that you aren't getting now? If so Amanda Lowe's Thinking Sexy may well be your new best friend handbook. Your brian is your most powerful sexual organ and sometimes your brain needs more food for thought served to it. Lowe serves up real people stories and successful quests for better sex presented in a wise best girlfriend manner that covers the gamut of solutions including ways for couples who like sex who also happen to have children to have their cake and eat it too.

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