Coach Yourself to Feel Great

By: Amanda Lowe


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Size: 198mm x 129mm
Pages : 272
ISBN : 9781904424185
Format: Paperback
Published: April 2004

At last! A direct, funny, engaging and colourful book on a subject that is dear to all our hearts. This book gives many insights into ways of achieving bliss and is written in a down-to-earth, pragmatic, conversational style.

Life isn’t about how far you can go, how high you can jump and how much money you can earn. It is about recognising those feelings of bliss that happen to real people in the real world every day and using those feelings to bring bliss into every part of your life.

If you’ve ever felt let down by a self-help book, or couldn’t live up to the rigours of a personal development course, this is the book for you. Bliss might not change your life, make you popular with the opposite sex or promise you unlimited success but it will make you laugh, make you think and open you up to experiencing bliss whenever and however you want.

The cover of this title includes the innovative ‘embarrassment sticker’, which sidesteps the problem of books’ subtitles that readers would rather not be caught reading!

Picture for author Amanda Lowe

Amanda Lowe

Amanda Lowe has a blissful life. She should do, she's spent the last twenty years discovering how to experience it, legally. Her expertise is encapsulated in her first book so you can now experience bliss in your communications, family, relationships, workplace and many other aspects of life.


  1. Put away your stuffy management textbooks. There's a new way to find out how to achieve results with people ” inspire and inform them, make them happy and fulfilled.

    A handy sized paperback disguises its powerful style and vital message ” get happiness and fulfilment. The writer presents ten chapters all prefixed “Bliss and”” they include such key areas of life as, communications, health, relationships, work, futures and concludes with “The Inspiration Station”, which contains strategies and suggestions to kick-start your mind back into action. If you try it you may never be the same again.
  2. Author, Amanda Lowe, has spent the past twenty years discovering how to live blissfully and her experience has been encapsulated in this, her first book, so that you can also find bliss in your relationships, family, communications and workplace. Direct and engaging, Bliss offers many tools presented in a down-to-earth and accessible way to help you gain a more enjoyable life. The author manages to lift your spirits and by the time you finish, you feel more positive and excited about life. A fun read from an entertaining author.
  3. For all those who have used Self-Help books and given up on them because you feel you can't live up to the expectations of their creators, this is the one for you.

    Written in a rollicking, irreverent and exuberant style, liberally sprinkled with expletives, the author tells of her search for bliss and the tools she used to finally find it.

    In many ways, this is a book for life coaches, but therapists of all persuasions will find within it something they can use to motivate their clients " in many cases, through the use of humour, as the author has the ability to laugh at herself and with other people, a message which comes through loud and clear in the pages of this book.

    Even if you don't use any of the techniques she suggests in your own practise, this is a book you can recommend to clients, which they can use in conjunction with the treatment they are receiving from you. Reading it may also speed up their healing process, so be prepared for that!
  4. If there's one book to buy this year, this is it. Solid, down-to-earth advice to guide you through life's maze.
  5. For anyone who feels stuck in the proverbial rut, Bliss is an hilarious, interactive journey towards happiness and fulfilment. Amanda Lowe's pages are paved with fascinating insights, contemporary wisdom and simple-to-use tools that help shed new light on to any problem. Bliss is a joy to read.
  6. My mother was an optimist with the glass always half full and this seems very much the essential attitude for positive change in your life and your work. A very interesting "inside out" way of looking at the bigger
    picture. A good read.
  7. Bliss is brilliant - when you're feeling a bit down in the dumps, it lifts your spirits and most important of all, it really makes you giggle.
  8. Packed with feel-good fodder and inspirational insights. A sprinkling of personality tests helps clear the cerebral airways and paves the way to that elusive of celestial emotions - Bliss. Amanda Lowe innovatively sees the pathway to Bliss in our everyday lives as well as in the bigger picture. Keep it by your bedside to dip in and out of -to lift your spirits and give yourself a heavenly boost.

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