Becoming a Teacher is coming soon!

28 July 2021

Written by Alan Newland, Becoming a Teacher is an inspiring and motivating guide to embarking confidently on a career in teaching and, above all, acquiring and developing the essential character traits and values to flourish in it.

Accessible, readable and engaging, Becoming a Teacher draws on Alan’s decades of professional work and academic study in education to set out the key principles for developing and understanding the professional values essential to becoming a good teacher.

Take a look inside the book here.

Find out more and pre-order your copy here.

“What is appealing about Alan’s book is that it encompasses so many crucial aspects of ITT. Not only does it relate to key legal elements of the role but has clear links to the Teachers’ Standards and professional and personal attributes and values – essential for all teachers. We will be providing all of our trainees with a copy of the book at the start of our training programme.”

Stuart Russell, Director of ITT, Kent and Medway Teacher Training

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