Best of the Best: Progress – advanced copies now available!

23 February 2017

In the Best of the Best series Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman have, for the first time, brought together the most influential voices in education in a series of convenient resources: each title a compendium of the most useful advice from the most celebrated educationalists combined with practical strategies to implement those ideas in the classroom.

Progress “ the first title in the series “ is written for teachers, by teachers, with contributions from John Hattie, Geoff Petty, John Jones, Sugata Mitra, David Didau, Mick Waters, Will Ord, Claire Gadsby, Robert Bjork, John West-Burnham, Guy Claxton, James Nottingham, Mark Burns, Martin Robinson, Mike Gershon, Pam Hook, Andy Hargreaves.

Many myths abound about progress. We have to show that learners are making progress, but what do we really mean by the term? Who decides what constitutes progress? Who should set targets, and why? How do we measure progress? These are just some of the questions that the educational experts delve into in this first volume in the Best of the Best series. The practical strategies offered by Isabella Wallace and Leah Kirkman demonstrate how teachers can immediately use these ideas in the classroom.

You can now read the authors™ preface to Progress here before ordering your own copy of the book here!

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