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26 August 2021

New reviews added to the list of people talking about The Five Clues from the Don't Doubt The Rainbow series By Anthony Kessel. 


There has been a real buzz around Anthony Kessel's first book The Five Clues in the series Don't Doubt the Rainbow which sees Edie Marble harness the Three Principles, a new approach to understanding how the mind works that is currently proving invaluable in improving mental health and well-being in children internationally.

Walking back from her mother’s grave, 13-year-old schoolgirl Edie Marble finds a note in a pocket of the sheepskin coat that she hasn’t worn since the day, a year earlier, when she received the awful news of her mother’s death. The note is from her mother, who had been looking into a corporate human rights violation and had become fearful for her life after receiving death threats. She trusts only Edie – because of their special bond and Edie’s intelligence – and has laid a trail of clues for Edie to find that will help her to shed light on the violation and uncover the mystery around her death.

Through her wit and determination, Edie steadily gathers evidence and negotiates the dramatic twists and turns of the story by collaborating with her friends and family to gradually unearth a sinister attempt by a pharmaceutical company to conceal their illegal development of a lethal virus.

As Edie’s investigations progress she is introduced, in parallel, to the Three Principles, which help her conquer various psychological stresses and support her in coming to terms with her grief.


Eve Foley on Children's Books Ireland says, "The novel deals with topics such as the loss of a parent, coping with grief, and the harm major pharmaceutical companies can cause under the control of corrupt money obsessed CEOs. We get to experience the perspectives of non-heroes in the story which stand in compelling contrast to Edie’s point of view." (To read the full review click here.)


Some of your younger readers have also been voicing their thoughts on popular children's book review sites, and check out what they have to say and keep your eyes peeled for the next exciting instalment 



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