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01 December 2020

Want to know more about Chess Improvement? Here is a great review of the book from a parent:

I read Chess Improvement cover to cover in a few evenings and feel I have learned so much about how we learn and improve at anything, including chess. It has also made me consider studying the game a little more, so that I might one day join the local club!

Here are a few of my key summary learnings:  

  • The fixed vs growth mindset tables are a helpful, immersive demonstration that losing a game hands you a learning opportunity “ and that chess should be played, not just won.

  • Active reflection turns experience into learning. So often a child may want to hide their losses from the coach and just examine their wins, thereby diminishing potential learning opportunities.

  • The optimistic advice about sitting down with 100% effort applied, just in case the opponent does not bring the same level of focus, brought a smile.

  • How I wish I had been informed earlier, and so clearly, about the counter-effectiveness of certain types of praise. Beyond the obvious failings of reward systems, I had not seen the damage to intrinsic pleasure in playing, and therefore a brain less open to thinking and learning.

  • To concentrate on good moves, not great plans “ and to see the game as a series of steps. There might always be some promising positions even against stronger players.

Find out more and order your copy here.

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