Chess Improvement has been reviewed!

27 November 2020

This book is excellent, and is especially great at guiding parents on how to support their children through their chess journey. 

Playing chess is no easy ride, whether you™re Magnus Carlsen or a beginner, so we all need guidance on how to navigate through the difficult journey. I love the way the book emphasises a growth mindset and how to deal with the difficult situations we all experience at some point whilst playing chess. The content is broken down into small easy-to-read parts, in which the authors both share their invaluable experience.

It also displays very instructive chess games which readers can play through or skip over if they are non-chess-playing parents. So many scenarios described in the book resonate with me, so it will certainly be accompanying me to chess tournaments “ and I would highly recommend it to anyone close to the game of chess.

  • Sarah Longson, chess coach, former British Ladies champion, and director of the ECF Academy and the Delancey UK Chess Challenge

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