Chess Improvement has been reviewed!

08 January 2021

Chess Improvement is the sort of book that every reader can take their own nuggets of wisdom from. It is especially useful for those who have a growth rather than a fixed mindset “ that is to say, those people who use the ˜now™ as a stepping stone towards where they want to be.

The book features a huge amount of thought-provoking, well-researched information and advice, and I fail to see how the aspiring chess player could not improve their game and their mindset should they take
away just some of the ideas and suggestions contained within it.

The authors have given us the tools for the job, so it is up to us to take up the challenge. Our biggest mistake as chess players might be to not own a copy of this especially important work.

Carl Portman, author of Chess Behind Bars

Discover Chess Improvement here.

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