#COVIDIDIOTS - what is wrong with some people?

31 March 2020

Cutting its way through the media frenzy, Sweet Distress puts emotional wellbeing and resilience centre stage.

œA practical and uncompromising assessment of the state we™re in and how we might find our way to a tougher and less anguished place. I didn™t always agree with Bridge, but given our ongoing epidemic of depression and anxiety, her ideas certainly merit consideration.

Josh Glancy, The Sunday Times

œWriting in her hard-hitting, witty and conversational style, Gillian Bridge says it like it is in Sweet Distress “ making it very clear that society™s overemphasis on mental health is bad for us on so many levels. Controversial, but true. This enjoyable, pacey masterpiece needs to be read by everyone, and we must all act upon its wisdom.

Mike Fairclough, Head Teacher, West Rise Junior School

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Sweet Distress

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