Crown for £1 - amazing weekend offers!

11 March 2016

With just over a month until The NLP Conference in London, we are offering the following titles at a special discount for a limited period:

Judy Apps™s Butterflies and Sweaty Palms

Martin Roberts™s Change Management Excellence

Jackie Arnold™s Coaching Supervision at Its Best

Leo Angart™s Magic Eyes

Byron Lewis™s The Magic of NLP Demystified

Nick Owen™s The Salmon of Knowledge

Angus McLeod™s Performance Coaching

Tad James and David Shephard™s Presenting Magically

Peter Young™s Understanding NLP

Judy Apps™s Voice of influence

On the product page simply click on the link to either Kindle or iTunes and you™ll be taken through to the site to complete your purchase.

Furthermore, if you are interested in booking your place at the event, you can do so here.

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