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11 November 2016

Written by Georgina Jonas, the College Collection series of books provides developing readers with age-appropriate material designed to boost competence and confidence, engaging the reader and encouraging reading for pleasure. The books are also useful for reluctant readers or where the acquisition of reading skills has been identified as a problem. The books have been specifically designed to consolidate young readers™ skills and to improve the confidence of older readers who are still acquiring and developing reading skills.

Reading age 9-13 years, interest age 11+.

So as we™re feeling generous, we are offering all titles in this series of short stories at a special discount for a limited period:

Jim Jam - Jim Jam likes everything to be neat and tidy and in the right place. But when it comes to spelling, all the letters seem to get in a jumble. What will she do?

Woody - Woody loves music, but can™t play an instrument “ as his family™s reactions make clear! Will he find his true talent?

Anda - Anda is half Dutch and she has lived all over the world. Will she want to stay put when she goes to college?

Luca - Luca has a secret which means he needs to change his name. Will he come clean?

Nolan - Nolan has always been good at sports. One day an accident changes everything. What will he do now?

Art Attack - When Jim Jam, Woody, Anda, Luca and Nolan are put together for a college project in Italy they have no idea of the adventure that lies in store for them. Find out what happens when a valuable painting goes missing.

On the product pages simply click on the links to either Kindle or iTunes and you™ll be taken through to the respective site to complete your purchase.

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