Crown House authors and publications appear in Teach Primary

06 July 2017

‹Teach Primary Issue 11.5 includes: 

'The letter I would write to myself as a six year old' by Debra Kidd, author of 'Teaching Notes From The Front Line', 'Becoming Mobius' and co-author of 'There Is Another Way' and 'Don't Change The Light Bulbs'.

'The six people who have changed my life' by Sue Cowley, author of 'Road School' and 'The Artful Educator', which is also included in the 'Lesson Plans' section of this issue as an idea for schools to use on 'creative days'.

'The hiring process is getting more complicated, but dies it really work?' by Mick Waters, author of 'Thinking Allowed'.

'How do you build an iron ring of castles?' by Russell Grigg, author of 'Big Ideas In Education'.

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