Crown House authors feature in Teach Secondary magazine

08 September 2017

‹Our authors featured in Issue 6.6 of Teach Secondary are:

  • David Didau - œStep away from the sugar paper; because it turns out that busy classroom walls are considerably more likely to distract students than inspire them¦ and œIf you managed to predict your students™ GCSE results this year, you were plain lucky, insists David Didau - and here™s why¦

  • Vic Goddard - œIf Ofsted really is going to clamp down on game-playing, it™s probably worth remembering who made the rules in the first place

  • Phil Beadle - œDon™t believe the hype - How should you teach? Like a maverick, says Phil Beadle - and here™s exactly what that means¦

  • Professor Guy Claxton - Find the learning ˜sweet spot™

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