Emily Hunt has been interviewed for Motherhood Moment

17 February 2021

STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) education is a cross-discipline approach to teaching these interrelated subjects, with problem solving at its heart. Great STEM education works through activities with real-world applications, helping children to understand how their learning is relevant and how they could use it in the future. It is an important tool in breaking down stereotypes and encouraging more children to pursue STEM careers.

STEM is therefore an important priority area in modern education, leaving many teachers and parents asking questions such as ˜How do I fit STEM education into my day?™ and ˜What kind of activities should I be exploring?™

Enter Emily Hunt who, in 15-Minute STEM Book 2, has pooled 40 more quick, easy-to-resource activities to reassure teachers and parents that they don™t need to be experts to be able to deliver high-quality STEM education for younger children. Building on the success of her bestselling first book of activities, Emily aims to equip all teachers and parents with the activities and resources they need in order to confidently teach STEM skills.

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