Georgina Jonas writes for SecEd - 'Engaging Reluctant Readers'

30 September 2016

Georgina Jonas, author of the recently published College Collection series, has written an article for SecEd offering guidance on how to engage reluctant readers and provides a selection of quick tips for doing so inside and outside the classroom.

Click here to read the article and here to view the College Collection titles for yourself.

The College Collection centres around five main characters, Luca, Anda, Jim Jam, Woody and Nolan. In each of the first five books in this set we meet a different character, and learn about their personalities, backgrounds and what they did before they arrived at Parkfield College.

The College Collection is designed to support and extend the acquisition of reading skills, and the enjoyment of reading, through exciting stories and relatable characters. The books reinforce high frequency words and the core phonic skills needed to access basic reading levels. Each set provides stories which bridge the gap between base level schemes and longer, more challenging texts. They are suitable for readers who still need a formatted reading scheme and are not yet ready to go onto free readers, but who still want interesting, engaging, real-life books. They are flexible, so no matter what other schemes you may be using, these books stand alone, enhancing and extending any reading experience.

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