Gilbert Filbert and his big MAD box – Teaching children how to make a difference

09 October 2020

When Independent Thinking founder and thinking skills guru Ian Gilbert teamed up with Go MAD Thinking founder and international business trainer Andy Gilbert (no relation, honestly!), we knew they would create something special for schools.

And they did.

What emerged when they got their heads together was a little book that packs a big punch “ Gilbert Filbert and his big MAD box.

Combining Ian's humour and storytelling with Andy's many proven strategies for problem solving, strategic thinking and making a difference (the 'MAD' bit), the book is an inspiring, moving and practical way of helping children think through challenges and take action.

Key skills in our Covid world.

In this pop-up conversation, Ian and Andy will talk though the ideas in the book and how schools can use them to help children become effective, strategic and creative thinkers. 

From the seven keys to making a difference to the secrets of possibility thinking and just what a penguin has to do with it all, this is a pop-up treat for all teachers, especially those working with Key Stages 1 to 3.

Watch the webinar here.

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