Gillian Bridge gives advice on 'How to talk about GCSE results' in Prima Magazine

31 August 2016

Click here to read the article and if this sparks your interest click here to check out her forthcoming book The Significance Delusion.

The Significance Delusion explains why humans are so peculiarly vulnerable to mental disorders and social problems, and how understanding the backstory can help you learn the real value of life

The author, Gillian Bridge, is a psycholinguistic consultant and expert in empowering people to get the most from their brain, whatever the challenge. The common link in her previous work as a teacher, a lecturer, an addiction therapist, an executive coach and a resilience consultant has been the way brain development and the use of language affect any individual™s behaviour and communication. By understanding brain function and how it makes us behave the way we do, Gillian™s work enables all people, whether they clearly need help or not, to gain better control of their lives.

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