Gillian Bridge is interviewed in The Telegraph about mental health problems in young people.

05 August 2022

Celia Walden interviews addiction therapist, mental health advocate and author Gillian Bridge in The Telegraph about mental health in young people: "Our fixation with feelings has created a damaged generation."

"Shortly after Russia invaded Ukraine, Gillian Bridge caught the end of a BBC segment on “how young people can deal with their anxiety over Ukraine”. “This was young people in the UK, you understand,” the teacher, therapist and author says slowly, narrowing her eyes and pausing for effect. “Yet there was this expectation that they were going to be enormously distressed – and about something that was not affecting them directly. Meanwhile, what were they doing in Ukraine? Living in bomb shelters; giving birth in cellars. But we were supposed to worry about the ‘anxiety’ young people were experiencing here?..."

Read the article in full here.

Discover Gillian's book Sweet Distress: How our love affair with feelings has fuelled the current mental health crisis (and what we can do about it).

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