HeadsUp4HTs Book Club with Mark Finnis discusses his book ‘Restorative Practice.’

06 July 2022

"If you want trust, you trust; if you want respect, you respect; if you want conflict, do neither."

If you could find a way to improve school behaviour whilst also building better relationships and ensuring your school values are actually lived, then why wouldn’t you grab it?

Learn how author Mark Finnis' book explores an approach to dealing with the fall out when things go wrong, limiting the damage, stopping things escalating and working to ensure whatever happened doesn’t happen again,

Mark Finnis is an Independent Thinking Associate and one of the UK’s leading exponents of restorative practice. With experience working with schools, local government agencies and social services, he now helps organisations adopt restorative practices. 

You can join Mark here on Thursday 14th July at 19.00hrs for a discussion at the HeadsUp4HTs Book Club where they discuss ‘Restorative Practice.’

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