Helen Lewis and Russell Grigg on Teacher Hug Radio

07 May 2021

‹Russell and Helen will be talking to Toria about Tails from the Classroom in the second part of the show from 11:30 onwards.

Tails from the Classroom is a fascinating exploration of the use of animal-assisted interventions in educational settings and how they can inspire and support learners™ all-round development.

There is growing interest in the idea of bringing animals into the classroom, but it is only recently that researchers have gathered clear data to show the impact of AAIs on the behavioural, emotional, physical and cognitive development of children and young people.

Tails from the Classroom brings together this research in a highly accessible way, illustrated with real-life case studies from a range of classroom contexts. It also includes lots of practical guidance on how to set up, manage and evaluate a project, ensuring that the welfare of all participants, including the animals, is a priority. Find out more about the book here.

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