Hold tight! The Early Years Conference 2017 is just one week away!

24 November 2017

Observe our dynamic line-up of speakers, who will:

Inspire you to unleash the full power of Early Years.

Bring international knowledge of Early Years through:
Delve into current research and Early Years policy

  • leadership

  • learning

  • and teaching

  • Find out how policy is informed by research.

  • Unpick latest changes in standards.

  • A step-by-step guide to developing readiness to learn.

  • Explore ˜best practice™ environments for learning.

  • Develop essential practice and provisions in line with the 2017 EYFS framework.

Explore the benefits of attending by:

Gaining an insight into global best practices:

  • Impact of neuroscience

  • Reggio Emilia

  • Self-regulation & trauma-informed practices

  • Receiving strategies to support key areas of development.

  • Supporting children™s natural affinity with the arts.

Pick up practical tools to:

  • Develop executive function skills.

  • Accurately assess the effectiveness of your practice.

  • Help children regulate their stress levels.

Judge the quality of:
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  • literacy

  • numeracy

  • science

  • diversity

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