How to use your time at home productively and have fun

29 March 2020

Whether you™re homeschooling, connecting with your kids, reducing screen time, or thinking outside the box, we have the books for you!

Here™s our top ten:

  1. The Board Game Family by Ellie Dix

  2. Bob and the River of Time by James Garner

  3. Den Building by Jane Hewitt and Cathy Cross

  4. The Compleat Thunks Book by Ian Gilbert

  5. The Philosophy Shop by Peter Worley

  6. The Numberverse by Andrew Day

  7. 365 Things to Make You go Hmmm ... by Sparky Teaching

  8. 15-Minute STEM by Emily Hunt

  9. Learning Through a Lens by Jane Hewitt

  10. The Opening Doors series by Bob Cox

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