Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO by Ginny Bootman is now available!

16 May 2023

We are so excited to announce that Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO by Ginny Bootman is now available!

Written by Ginny Bootman, Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO: 113 tips for building relationships, saving time and changing lives is an informative guide that identifies simple, tried and tested ways to build and cement strong relationships between all those who work with children with additional needs, whether they are teachers, parents, carers or outside agencies.

What is a SENDCO? A voice. An advocate. A messenger (don’t shoot!). A calm in the storm. A connection. A friend. A forgiveness seeker, not a permission requester. A shot in the dark. A shot at life. The one who listens. The one who knows. The one who cares. The educational professional who campaigns tirelessly on behalf of the children who need more support than most to navigate a system that, at times, seems purposely set up to make them fail.

Independent Thinking on Being a SENDCO is designed to help you become a compassionate, honest and determined SENDCO, combining your professionalism with empathy, the ability to listen properly and a desire to understand what the lives of others are like and how you can help. It is a book full of tips that will save you time and energy, useful hacks to help you overcome obstacles and bumps in the road, and proven strategies that will benefit your relationships.

Find out more and get your copy of Ginny's new book here.

Take a sneak peek inside the book here!

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