Independent Thinking on Restorative Practice and After the Adults Change have been reviewed!

05 August 2021

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In Independent Thinking on Restorative Practice: Building relationships, improving behaviour and creating stronger communities, Mark Finnis shares a practical and inspiring introduction to the use of restorative practice in educational settings.

For those educators who are uncomfortable with the punitive world of zero tolerance, isolation booths and school exclusions, Mark Finnis – one of the UK's leading restorative practice experts – is here to show you that there is another way. Find out more here.

A revolution in behaviour can be exciting, dynamic and, at times, pleasantly terrifying. But revolution is short-lived. In his follow-up to his bestselling book When the Adults Change, Everything Changes, Paul Dix shows you that, after the behaviour of the adults has changed, there is an opportunity to go wider and deeper: to accelerate relational practice, decrease disproportionate punishment and fully introduce restorative, informed and coaching-led cultures. Discover After the Adults Change here.

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