Is homework worth the hassle?

29 September 2016

œHomework can be a nightmare - for the parents. You know that sinking feeling. It™s late in the evening and you™ve caught the glint in the eye of the wine bottle in the fridge. You can read the article in full here.

If this has left you questioning the place of homework in your teaching, may we recommend Unhomework by Mark Creasy? 

With questions being raised over the value of homework, Mark Creasy advises teachers and parents on how to get the most out of homework without letting it get in the way of their lives. This book questions the necessity of homework while recognising that most teachers have a statutory duty to provide it. The author provides suggestions for how teachers can make homework more effective, applicable and less pointless; organising classroom learning to allow children to set their own homework and creating opportunities for learning out of everyday situations.

So, click here to start reading an extract or to purchase a copy for yourself!

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