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25 June 2021

Listen to the episode here.

Independent Thinking founder Ian Gilberts increasing frustration with educational policies that favour no excuses and compliance, and that ignore the broader issues of poverty and inequality, is shared by many others across the sphere of education and this widespread disaffection has led to the assembly of a diverse cast of teachers, school leaders, academics and poets who unite in this book to challenge the status quo. Their thought-provoking commentary, ideas and impassioned anecdotal insights are presented in the form of essays, think pieces and poems that draw together a wealth of research on the issue and probe and discredit the current view on what is best for children from poorer socio-economic backgrounds. Exploring themes such as inclusion, aspiration, pedagogy and opportunity, the contributions collectively lift the veil of feigned equality of opportunity for all to reveal the bigger picture of poverty and to articulate the hidden truth that there is always another way.

Discover the book here.

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