Marie-Claire Bretherton, co-author of Imperfect Leadership in Action, has written an article for Teach Secondary magazine on why schools need imperfect leadership.

09 June 2022

Favour the flawed - Why schools need imperfect leadership

Instead of embarking on a fruitless quest to become a ‘perfect leader’, you can achieve far more for yourself and your school by embracing imperfection, advises Marie-Claire Bretherton

'Have you ever been led by a perfect leader? Do you work in a school where the leaders always get it right, 100% of the time? Do you get it right 100% of the time? 

The truth is that there’s no perfect school, no perfect leader and no perfect teacher. We all know that, really.'

You can read the full article in Teach Secondary magazine here

Learn more about Marie-Clarie and her book Imperfect leadership in Action here



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