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12 May 2021

Never has there been a more crucial time to improve middle leadership.

For many years school inspections have focused on data-driven outcomes and the role of senior leaders in driving school improvement; recently, however, the focus has shifted to curriculum and middle leadership. This has left middle leaders under increased pressure to be able to justify their actions and decisions.

Furthermore, to make the best decisions possible, middle leaders need to have a nuanced understanding of the consequences of their actions. In this pragmatic book, Adam aims to boost their role-specific expertise to help them achieve that goal “ and offers them a preferable alternative to learning from their mistakes

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Tom Sherrington, education consultant and author of Teaching WalkThrus:

It™s often said that middle leaders are the engine room of a great school: their energy, their effectiveness and their commitment are vital to any school™s success. In writing this book, Adam Robbins has used his extensive knowledge to produce a superb and impressively comprehensive guide “ covering curriculum design, assessment, teacher development and more besides “ for anyone undertaking one of these all-important roles.

Middle Leadership Mastery blends an evidence-informed approach with the wisdom of someone who has learned the hard way, on the front line. The recap and reflection sections that conclude each chapter neatly capture the breadth of issues covered in the book, making it a very practical tool for anyone seeking to improve their practice or aspiring to become a middle leader in future. I will certainly be recommending this book to the many middle leaders I meet through my work.

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