Now available: After the Adults Change by Paul Dix

22 March 2021

In After the Adults Change: Achievable behaviour nirvana, Paul Dix explains how teachers and school leaders can move beyond the behaviour management revolution and maintain a school culture rooted in relational practice. Find out more here.

Maureen McKenna, Executive Director of Education, Glasgow City Council:

It is too easy for adults to go straight to blame children “ what I love about Paul™s writing is that, in both this book and his previous one, he keeps the focus on what adults need to do in order to change children™s behaviours. Achieving change is not rocket science but it does take diligence and doing the right thing relentlessly, and in After the Adults Change Paul successfully breaks it down into manageable chunks. The book is also packed full of great examples of good practice, offering something for everyone.

This book is a must-read for all who work with children and young people.

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