Obstetrics for Schools is now available!

13 April 2021

In Obstetrics for Schools: A guide to eliminating failure and ensuring the safe delivery of all learners, Rachel Macfarlane presents a powerful manifesto for school leaders and teachers on how they can bridge the advantage gap and deliver positive outcomes for all pupils.

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Lucy Heller, Chief Executive, ARK:

Rachel Macfarlane™s book is exactly what we all need right now. The perfect antidote to COVID-19 gloom, it™s a stirring call to arms in the fight against education inequality. Macfarlane counters the defeatist acceptance that the education system will inevitably fail some students and, through a series of case studies, shows how it is possible to ensure that every student receives a great education. Accessible, practical and inspiring, Obstetrics for Schools is a great read for anyone who cares about education.

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