Opening Doors for all

01 March 2021

‹The webinar will take place on Tuesday 16th March 2021, from 16:00-17:15. Register here.

Bob Cox is the award-winning author of the ˜Opening Doors™ series and a frequent speaker at regional, national and even international conferences. He has also supported about 500 schools in-house. Bob has spoken online this term for Babcock Education, Leeds LA and worked with UK schools as well as one in Athens. He is due to present at the Potential Plus Festival, The EdFest and the Osiris World Summit. He is passionately committed to exciting and creative English for all learners, with plenty of challenges!

This free event is very much for teachers wanting to find out more about the ways in which the opening doors principles and strategies for richer English have been supporting schools. This includes of course those already using the ideas in the books! Some schools have been working with us for a long time. The session will include contributions from Bob Cox and a chance to question co-authors of the more recent books Leah Crawford and Verity Jones. A feature of the session will be short presentations from teachers who have used ˜Opening Doors™ in their own specific ways to develop an ambitious English curriculum. Everyone logging on will be entitled to 50% off any of the ˜Opening Doors™ books via a code out. The session will be live and not available afterwards as a recording.

Discover the Opening Doors series here.

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