Opening Doors to Ambitious Primary English by Bob Cox with Leah Crawford, Angela Jenkins, Julie Sargent

12 May 2023

We are pleased to announce that Opening Doors to Ambitious Primary English by Bob Cox with Leah Crawford, Angela Jenkins and Julie Sargent is now available!

Opening Doors to Ambitious Primary English: Pitching high and including all provides both big principles and a toolkit of strategies all carefully selected to support the design of a deeper, more creative and more expansive English curriculum.

Together with Leah Crawford, Angela Jenkins and Julie Sargent, Bob Cox has compiled this rich resource, complete with vivid illustrations by Victoria Cox, to help teachers enhance their learners' engagement with challenging texts and develop their writing skills as budding wordsmiths. The authors, working in association with the Opening Doors network of schools, are addressing the vital concept of 'how' schools can pitch high but include all pupils.

Find out more and get your copy of their new book here.

Take a sneak peek inside the book here!

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