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20 May 2019

‹Featured in this issue of Teach Primary are:

Debra Kidd - 'There must be no outsiders in our schools. It's vital that schools ensure all pupils have access to adults who create tolerant, safe environments for children to thrive and grow.'

Emily Hunt - 'Five STEM teaching myths BUSTED! Don't let common misconceptions hold you back. Follow these tips and use a cross-disciplinary approach to get children engaged.' 

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About Our Schools by Mick Waters and Tim Brighouse is coming soon!
Written by Tim Brighouse and Mick Waters, About Our Schools: Improving on previous best examines in detail the turbulent years of education policy and practice from the late 1970s to the present day – and sets out what policy-makers and education leaders can do to enable our schools to improve on their previous best.
'The Five Clues' has been long listed for the Dudley Children's Book Award!
A real-time murder-mystery thriller and family drama, combining an exciting race against time with a heart-rending story about a teenager learning to live with the loss of a beloved parent.
David Dixon has written an article in SecEd
"Using the DfE Climate Change Strategy to develop your school's sustainability ethos."