Our authors are featured in Teach Secondary magazine

22 November 2019

Featured in the 8.8 issue of Teach Secondary are:

David Didau author of ˜Making Kids Cleverer™- ˜A reasonable level of stress is healthy for students and teachers alike - but if the pressure gets too much to handle, then it™s time to start working out the best way to eat an elephant¦™ p17

Vic Goddard author of ˜The Best Job In The World™- ˜What™s the point of developing young people as critical thinkers, if we refuse to take them seriously as soon as they start to turn informed opinions into action?™ p18

Peter Nelmes author of ˜Troubled Hearts, Troubled Minds™ - ˜What were you thinking? When you question a student with autism, it™s important to remember that they may not be able to play the language game™ p37

John Tomsett - ˜The ultimate visualizer checklist. It™s simple,. affordable peace of edtech that can genuinely transform teaching and learning says John Tomsett - as long as you™re using it properly¦™ p79

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