Powerful Geography has been reviewed!

18 August 2021

Check out this great review from Sophie Wilson, Senior Lecturer in Secondary Geography at St Mary’s University, Twickenham, and consultant to the Geographical Association:

"What I like about Powerful Geography is the way it presents key ideas so fluently and bridges the gap between evidence-informed practice and everyday classroom practice.

The book is well laid out and easy to find different sections, which include real classroom examples sourced from practising teachers to support the ideas and academic literature discussed. The text is very accessible to read yet covers rigorous theoretical concepts, clearly presenting the discussion in a purposeful way, acknowledging the curriculum debate and the significance of geography as an important subject in secondary schools.

It empowers teachers to think deeply as experts and so take responsibility for being curriculum makers; it has proven to be an essential read for supporting my trainee teachers and I know they will continue to refer to this during their ECT years and beyond. Overall, Powerful Geography is a great book which I would recommend to all geography teachers!"

In the book, Mark Enser breaks down the core elements of curriculum planning to empower teachers to design and deliver their geography curriculum effectively. Get your copy here.

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