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25 January 2021

In Powerful Geography, Mark Enser breaks down the core elements of curriculum planning to empower teachers to design and deliver their geography curriculum effectively.

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Dr Rebecca Kitchen, CPD, Curriculum and Marketing Manager, Geographical Association:

At a time when perhaps we have lost sight a little of who, what and how we teach, Powerful Geography drags us back and unashamedly puts robust curriculum thinking centre stage.

Mark argues for a knowledge-rich, Future 3 curriculum that has the subject at its heart “ and it™s easy to see why such powerful geography excites him and his students.¯He argues for a curriculum rich in fieldwork (as opposed to field trips), robust geographical enquiry and geographic information systems (GIS), where place knowledge is embedded rather than superficial and where content is sequenced to create a narrative for geographical understanding.

Writing in an engaging and accessible style, Mark manages to pull off the feat of being both theoretically rigorous and eminently practical by sharing case studies from practising teachers and offering signposts to further reading and discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

Essential reading for all teachers of geography, Powerful Geography provides a guide to developing and delivering a curriculum with purpose that supports teachers in realising geography™s potential to be a truly powerful subject.

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