Precision Therapy

A professional manual of fast and effective hypnoanalysis techniques

By: Duncan McColl


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Size: 234mm x 154mm
Pages : 248
ISBN : 9781899836185
Format: Paperback
Published: May 1994

Precision Therapy is full of fast, effective hypnoanalytic techniques. It presents a series of adaptable prompt sheets for therapy sessions, plus a collection of illuminating case histories and supporting resources. Precision Therapy aims to stimulate an abrupt shift in personal awareness, creating a ‘spontaneous remission’, preferably in one session. It provides health professionals with all the material needed to tackle the root causes of clients’ problems.

Picture for author Duncan McColl

Duncan McColl

Duncan McColl was a member of the International Association of Precision Therapists and the International Society for Professional Hypnosis (USA) and was a biofeedback, behavioural and management science consultant. He served as a pilot in the RAF during the Second World War. He later qualified as a chartered accountant and worked as a senior financial and marketing executive in leading British and American companies whilst spending thirty-five years abroad, mainly in the United States, Canada, Australia, Mexico and Spain. He successfully applied ancient and modern teachings, many of them not available in English, to health and business problems, to stress management, creative thinking, psychometric interviewing, and to staff motivation and development. He had an especially delightful and infectious sense of humour.


  1. It is scholarly yet remarkably free from the language which constantly calls out for the use of a dictionary. It is fresh and invigorating.
  2. Duncan McColl provides a rare and refreshingly eclectic approach to effective hypnotherapy and a welcome source of stimulation to all other therapists.

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