Product reviews for Neuroscience for Teachers

Emily Giubertoni, Assistant Director, Bishop Challoner Teaching School Alliance
I've read lots of books about teaching which love to tell you -˜how' to teach, but very few - if any - which tell you the underlying reason -˜why' each technique is effective. Neuroscience for Teachers tells you why effective teaching practices work with a clarity that makes it essential reading for everyone working in schools. The clear explanation of each neuroscientific study empowers teachers to take back control of their pedagogy from the incoherent advice peddled to schools for decades by consultants and/or politicians. The reflections provide an accessible bridge from quite technical neuroscientific findings to practical classroom approaches. I love that it tells you when and why scientific findings aren't applicable to the classroom, and how it exposes the ways in which -˜neuromyths' arise in education to help you avoid these pitfalls in the future.

Everyone working in education will find Neuroscience  for Teachers valuable, and anyone invested in effective teaching and learning should read it.
Guest | 01/09/2017 01:00
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