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Rachael Edgar, senior leadership team member, Latifa School for Girls
Neuroscience for Teachers is one of those rare books that manages to blend academic theory with excellent practical advice for the classroom. A timely piece of work, considering the growing interest in applying the knowledge of what we know about the human brain to the field of education.

No stone has been left unturned in sifting through the wealth of evidence available on neuroscience and its implications for education as the authors explore a range of fields of study to deepen understanding of key areas - from memory and metacognition, to emotion, motivation and the enigma that is the typical adolescent brain. There are also a number of -˜next steps' and suggestions at the end of every chapter, outlining how teachers might incorporate this evidence into their practice.

Both intuitive and informative, Neuroscience for Teachers fills an enormous hole in teacher education with depth, clarity and accessibility, and will satisfy both novice and expert alike. For educators, I'd do more than recommend it: I'd make it mandatory to their professional learning. Neuroscience  for Teachers will change the way you teach.
Guest | 01/09/2017 01:00
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