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Rachael Hare, Head of Teacher Training, Harris Federation
Neuroscience for Teachers by Churches, Dommett and Devonshire is an invaluable exploration of the growing collaboration between neuroscience, psychology and education - and the potential this offers teachers and schools.

A fantastic introductory guide for teachers in the early stages of their careers, and those interested in evidence-based practice, it serves to develop teacher scientific literacy, negate -˜neuromyths' about learning and the brain, and signpost key articles and research for further thought and discussion. The text is positive and accessible without being patronising: the scientific definitions and theoretical introductions are clear and are linked back to practical application to, and implications for, the teacher's own classroom and students. With open questions to consider and a -˜Research Zone' focus in every chapter, Neuroscience for Teachers helps improve literacy in the vocabulary of neuroscience and helps develop a better understanding of research methodologies.

The eight chapters provide particular insight into metacognition, the adolescent brain and working memory, combined with a focus on the implications and emerging questions for the teacher and classroom. What is particularly satisfying is the recognition that children are unique individuals and that the classroom context is significant: there is no simplification of research and evidence here.

Neuroscience for Teachers is exactly the kind of guide I wish I'd had available to me as a student teacher fascinated by the science of learning, and I can see it being profoundly useful to teachers and those designing CPD, curricula and initial teacher education everywhere.
Guest | 01/09/2017 01:00
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