Product reviews for Neuroscience for Teachers

John Morris, Director, JTM Educational Consultants
With  the  current emphasis  on raising aspirations , personal  skills  and achievement levels of learners within schools and colleges, Richard Churches and his fellow authors have untangled the  scientific jargon around neuroscience  and cognitive psychology. The authors successfully  engage the reader  in a range of practical activities and strategies  that  promote awareness  of the application of neuroscience  and its contribution to the delivery and management of learning. 

The structure and easily read style of the authors enables the reader to assess a range of neuroscience topics such as working memory, metacognition, motivation, learners with additional needs and the adolescent brain .  There are excellent  tips on how the research evidence can be effectively used to support practice. In particular, the research zone  and reflection sections enable the reader to balance ideas in terms of implications  for their own practice. In this respect, the sections  on  motivation to learn, autism spectrum disorder, peer pressure, risk taking, seeing testing as a learning event are all addressing key issues  and supporting the reader in how to take the neuroscience evidence forward in practical terms. The authors are to be congratulated on promoting in depth practical awareness  and applications of research with regard to issues which confront teachers and managers in schools and colleges.
Guest | 12/01/2018 00:00
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